Information about Kieli, koulutus ja yhteiskunta

Kieli, koulutus ja yhteiskunta (Language, Education and Society) is an open online journal edited by the Finnish Network for Language Education Policies (the Language Network). We publish articles and comments on subjects within the language education field. A central goal of the journal is to generate discussion and increase awareness about current issues in language education, and to bring together researchers, language policy decision-makers, teachers and others working in the field.

The journal is a low-threshold publishing platform to which we invite comprehendible texts on good practices and experiences from projects, research results and the latest decisions in language education politics as well as their backgrounds. We also welcome polemical comments on language education in Finland or elsewhere.

Kieli, koulutus ja yhteiskunta comes out at least five times a year. The journal’s target group are various actors in the wide field of language education. The journal can be read free of charge at

Both open issues and theme issues are published in the journal. If you have a good idea for a theme issue, please contact us! Theme issues are often agreed upon long before they come out, and the editor-in-chief for each theme issue recruits the writers. Therefore, we mainly invite article suggestions for the open issues.

If you wish to write for the online journal, you can send your article proposal to the Language Network via e-mail. You can also contact the Language Network with an idea for an article. Please contact the network in good time! Try not to send us your article first on the hand in date, because it is very likely that the issue in question will be full already. We hope to hear from you soon and discuss your article proposal!

Year 2024 publication schedule

Both open issues and theme issues are published in the journal as follows:

  • February, open issue
  • March, open issue
  • May, theme issue
  • September, open issue
  • October, theme issue
  • November, theme issue
  • December, open issue



 Hand in date for articles

 Publication week


 February 2024

 (open issue)


 pe 19.1.2024 (wk 3)



 March 2024

 (open issue)


 pe 23.2.2024 (wk 8)



 May 2024

 (theme issue)


 pe 19.4.2024 (wk 16)



 September 2024

 (open issue)


 pe 9.8.2024 (wk 32)



 October 2024

 (theme issue)


 pe 13.9.2024 (wk 37)



 November 2024

 (theme issue)


pe 11.10.2024 (wk 41)


 December 2024

 (open issue)


 pe 8.11.2024 (wk 45)