Writing instructions for the online journal Kieli, koulutus ja yhteiskunta

We invite teachers, students, researchers, decision-makers and others interested in language education to write for the Finnish Language Network’s online journal about their views on subjects such as language, education and society.

Articles in the journal are short and their style is comprehensible for all. Length can vary depending on content, from 2 to 4 sheets. In any case, the maximum length for an article is 2000 words.

An article should be preceded by a short lead paragraph that introduces the text. After the main text there should be some information about the writers (name, position, organization) as well as sources and 3-5 keywords describing the content of the article. We recommend using subheadings in the text.

Pictures and links can be added to the text. The article should be sent in doc(x) or rtf form.

Writers’ views are their own and they are responsible for the content of their articles. The editors go through all the texts and give feedback to the writers if need be.

Both open issues and theme issues are published in the journal. Theme issues are often agreed upon long before they come out, and the editor-in-chief for each theme issue recruits the writers. Therefore, we mainly invite article suggestions for the open issues.

Articles intended for publication and suggestions for theme issues should be sent to the Language Network’s e-mail address kieliverkosto(at)jyu.fi. The editors decide which texts are published. You can also contact the Language Network with an idea for an article. Please contact the network in good time. Try not to send us your article first on the hand in date, because it is very likely that the issue in question will be full already. We hope to hear from you soon and discuss your article proposal!

Take a look at the media card of Kieli, koulutus ja yhteiskunta.